Minutes - Membership Meeting 2016


NOVEMBER 28, 2016

President Captain Dave Caudle called the meeting to order at 0926. Captains Caudle, Gilbert, Gabor, Queen, Brown, Primm, Ms Colleen Fields and Ms. Janice Drimer were present providing a quorum.

Last year’s meeting minutes have been previously distributed. Those minutes were approved as recorded.

Treasurer Captain Owen Brown gave the Treasurers report, which is available upon request. His report was unanimously accepted. Some discussion ensued concerning the accounting for the members in arrears. Janice Drimer will look into denying web access to the truant members and to marking them as “inactive”.   Captains Gabor and Bowen asked that Ms. Fields and Mr. Ron Beck be commended for their recruiting and sales efforts during the past year, with the adding of early 100 new members.

President Caudle and Ms. Fields will consider enlisting the help of Chris Runge to take over the Historian duties of the PSE.   Captain Caudle is working on securing a contract with the hotel for next year’s convention. The dates will be the 15-17th of October, 2017. Several Officers are up for election next year and Captain Gilbert has indicated a willingness to continue as Secretary if a replacement cannot be found. Treasurer Owen Brown desires to not to continue as Treasurer beyond next year’s convention. We will actively attempt to recruit a replacement. It is desirable that the replacement be familiar with Quickbooks. Captain Steve Hunt is a possible candidate for President.   The forming of the nominating committee comes under the duties of President.

Captain Ken Duncan recommended that the website be updated with the names of the current committee chairpersons. He also suggested that the website link for the NCDOT for the purchase of PI License plates be inserted in a NC License plate template. Ms. Drimer indicated that she would accomplish these tasks.

Having no further Business before the Board, the meeting was adjourned at 10:10 hrs.


Respectfully submitted,


Capt. B. J. Gilbert, Sec.


Membership Dues

$25 fees due by January 31, 2016

Mail to:
Capt Owen Brown
Capt Owen Brown
8 Pine Knoll Drive
Lake Wylie, SC 29710